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York, Western Australia

Sandalwood Yards: Headquarters of The York Society,
Avon Terrace, York, Western Australia

About The York Society

The York Society was established in 1968 when shops and buildings in Avon Terrace came under threat when a new Department of Local Government order came into force requiring all verandah posts be removed from traditional main street verandahs. Old horse hitching rails also had to be removed. It was considered that the old verandah posts and the rails would be a hazard for motorists. Up until that time the buildings in Avon Terrace had remained virtually untouched since construction in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

There was enormous public opposition to this order and although many of the old verandahs were removed and replaced with cantilever verandahs, the incident proved to be the dawning of an awareness of York's unique heritage. A public meeting was called in October 1968 to discuss the preservation of York's heritage buildings and out of this meeting The York Society was formed.

Today, York's heritage buildings and streetscapes are acknowledged by the National Trust and the Australian Heritage Commission and the town is recognised as an Historic Town listed on the register of the National Estate.

In the last twenty years many of York's older homes and buildings, some dating from the 1850s and 1860s, have been restored by enthusiastic private owners. While the town has enjoyed a considerable modern expansion in recent years many heritage areas can still be seen as they were one hundred or more years ago.

Blandstown, for example, with its fine old buildings now beautifully restored after years of neglect, is an attractive example of an Australian colonial village.

Today, The York Society represents the key issues of Heritage and History. The Society is a keen watchdog protecting York's unique heritage values. It manages the York Society Research and Archival Centre containing a large collection of published and documentary material that deals with York's history and it pursues an active publishing programme of historical monographs and the annual History and Heritage Journal, Barladong. An Art & Craft sub-committee mounts two important annual cultural events - the York Society Art & Craft Awards and the York Society Photographic Awards. Both events are keenly contested by artists both locally and State-wide.

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